Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 02.07 02/25/2018
Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie
S2 E7
0.04 McKinley theist young man who wants to talk about the relationship between religion and conspiracy theories
22:54 Mr. Atheist discussing social Darwinism being used as a religion by critics and misrepresenting evolution.
33:54 Bailey (2nd time caller) atheist calling in about April 1st being considered “Atheist Day” by theists because of the biblical quote “A fool in his heart says there is no god” and it happens to fall on Easter Sunday this year.
46:52 Victor (2nd time caller) theist/flat earther has proof of intelligent design via DNA coding
1:07:35 Skyler (2nd time caller) atheist discussing bisexuality being repressed by religion
1:18:04 Amine atheist discussing the connection between conspiracy theory and religion including CDC study

Talk Heathen is filmed in front of a live studio audience every week at the Freethought library of the Atheist Community of Austin. Call the show on Sundays 1:00-2:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279

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