Season 2 Episode 8

Episode 02.08 03/04/2018
Hosts: Eric Murphy and EJ Sorrell/Jamie and EJ Sorrell
S2 E8
6:10 McKinley (2nd time caller) theist discussing morals and instincts
13:13 Felipe atheist discussing global atheism and what religion sells to people
26:00 Victor (3rd time caller) theist/flat earther debating about flat earth and satellites not being real.
46:45 Tom (2nd time caller) responding to previous callers and the allure of religion because of the promise of an afterlife where they can see their loved ones again
53:44 Pat discusses the difficulty of being a black atheist in the community
57:35 Damon (3rd time caller) atheist caller talking about a guru that allegedly heals you with his gaze
1:04:52 Damon continues the call (after a brief hold)
1:17:48 Hamish (5th time caller) theist discussing the propagation of atheism in culture and gender issues as well as morality
1:46:29 Olin atheist caller discussing the differences in generations between the hosts and others

Talk Heathen is filmed in front of a live studio audience every week at the Freethought library of the Atheist Community of Austin. Call the show on Sundays 1:00-2:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279

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  1. Victor, go get a brain, your ignorance is astounding.
    And yes I’m laughing at you, you are so absorbed in your own stupidity it’s no wonder you can’t shut the hell up for more than 2 seconds. Please, please spare us any future phone calls.

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