Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 02.11 03/25/2018

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie

S2 E11
15:40 Michael atheist thanking the ACA shows for helping him realize he was atheist. Theists say that “you can’t prove a negative”, but Michael called in to say that he has a way to prove a negative.
39:03 Jose atheist saying his family is Jehovah’s Witness and shunned him after he announced he was atheist. Jose called in looking for answers as to how he might be able to reconnect with his family.
1:00:15 Karen atheist called in to talk about how strange it is for her to be the only atheist in her very Catholic family. She talks about watching the movie “The Bible” as a child and how it set her on the path to atheism. Her family also advised her to have a talk with her priest uncle, but that conversation turned out to further confirm her atheism.
1:06:59 Damon theist called in to try to explain why there is a god and the potential proof of god. He considers himself a “scientific theist” and wanted Eric and Jamie to try to poke holes in his argument.
Talk Heathen is filmed in front of a live studio audience every week at the Freethought library of the Atheist Community of Austin. Call the show on Sundays 1:00-2:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279

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