AA Con!!!!

So we are back from the convention and had a BLAST!

Not only was this our first live show done at a convention, this was the first atheist convention that EITHER Jamie or I have been to! We got to meet some amazing people and then proceeded to get drunk with them! Thank you all for sending us and it was wonderful getting to meet so many of you this weekend!

You can find our Special Guests on their respective podcasts-

Noah Lugeons- The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, The Skepticrat, Citation Needed

Cecil – Cognitive Dissonance, Citation Needed

Special Thanks to Noah Lugeons and Cecil for hopping up on stage with us and letting us interview them. We also want to thank our amazing crew and cast of The Atheist Experience: Tracie Harris, Russell Glasser, Phil Session, Janet Reyes, Vern Graner, and Silas. We were also supported offsite by our producer Mark and the animator Colonel Phil.

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