Season 2 Episode 22

Host: Eric Murphy and Genetically Modified Skeptic, Drew.

9:45 William in Tacoma, Washington (4th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about prayer and the placebo effect. He also commented on a previous caller, Tom, advocating using the term, miracle, in a certain context.

24:30 Cathy from North Carolina (2nd time caller), a newly minted atheist continues the discussion about prayer and its inefficacy. She also shared about her sister and brother-in-law campaign to quit smoking, and her wanting to follow on their progress, at the same time, letting them know how she is believing or non-believing. Lastly, she talked about the love her and her husband, Colonel Phil, shares and the love in the atheist community.

41:33 Josh of San Antonio, Texas (2nd time caller), a theist makes a quick comment regarding smoking. And he also inquired about the distinction between knowledge and belief, in regards to agnosticism and atheism.

55:10 Steve in Minnesota, a theist discusses about truth and value, and shifted to existence and knowledge.

1:30:30 Andrew of Southern California, a communist atheist expresses concern on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), its intellectual property rights and the industry extortionary practices.

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