Season 2 Episode 24

Season 2 Episode 24

Host: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

8:51 Chelsea from Texas, an atheist, ACA board member, call screener and a moderator, shares ACA moderator and social media platforms updates.

18:41 William in Tacoma, Washington (5th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about personal experience of the host, Eric Murphy, regarding a recent conversation with a polytheist.

31:50 Marcus of California, a first time caller and medium time atheist listener discusses a dilemma on how to tell his daughter that he is an atheist.

52:26 Kyle in Canada, a theist shares his thought about the development of human society.

1:09:47 Zane from Atlanta, Georgia, a theist shares Sunday church meeting that is very hostile towards gays, and asks how to counter a phrase of “you’ve just want to sin.”

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