Season 2 Episode 34

Season 2 Episode 34

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:05:40 Josh: San Antonio, TX: 3rd time caller: Atheist Relationship

0:14:55 Raymond: Columbus, OH: Atheist: Is Free Will Relevant to Society?

0:41:53 Jesse: LA: Atheist: Coming out Atheist

0:56:55 Eugene:OR: 2nd time caller: Theist: Why Should We Care What is in the Bible?

1:26:23 Elyas: VA: Atheist: Massive Floods and its Myths

One Reply to “Season 2 Episode 34”

  1. Elias, the final caller of this episode, is woefully misinformed. He cites Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson as authorities on a matter of geological history, but both of these individuals are regarded by their peers as having no credibility — especially Carlson who promotes new-age “sacred geometry” woo. These men are *not* authorities; Elias has been taken in by cranks.

    At the time of this episode, there was no compelling, peer-reviewed evidence to conclude that any of the ~40 Missoula Floods ( mentioned by Elias (who seemed unaware that this was not a singular event, but rather a series of events occuring over a ~2000 year timespan) were caused by an impact event. Further, given that the last in this series of floods occurred well before 10,000 BCE, it is highly implausible that news of these events could have been carried nearly halfway around the globe to become inspiration for any “great flood” myths in Mesopotamia, as Elias suggested.

    Caveat audiens.

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