Season 2 Episode 35

Season 2 Episode 35

Hosts: Jamie Boone and Matt Dillahunty.

0:05:02 Chris: Ontario, Canada: Atheist: When to Refrain Discussion on Religious Beliefs

0:23:13 Angus: Planet Earth: Does Social Construction Relate to the Truth of Religion

0:47:58 Jason: FL: Theist: Christian Denounces Christian Morality and Holy Trinity

1:34:30 Neil: Orange County, CA: Atheist: Is it Possible to have a Second Great Awakening

One Reply to “Season 2 Episode 35”

  1. Matt came up with a great T-shirt idea at or around 46 minutes into the show. Front of shirt: “Go with Hitch!” Back of shirt: “Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence!” with credit to the author of course.

    By the way, most of my Catholic friends use the Enterological Argument; that is, they’re informed by their gut.

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Love it!

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