Season 2 Episode 36

Season 2 Episode 36

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Aron Ra

0:12:37 DAK: Los Angeles, CA: Atheist: Mislabeling Belief Systems

0:23:06 Minh: CA: Theist: Pascal’s Wager for Non Christian Religions

0:45:10 Jerry: Nova Scotia, Canada: Atheist: Roulette Wheel Analogy and Afterlife

0:55:08 Tanner: CO: Atheist: Importance of Coming out as an Atheist

1:06:18 Dave: Nottingham, United Kingdom: Aron’s Feelings on Polytheism and Paganism

1:21:14 Jared: WI: Theist: Theist Immersing with Atheists and Shared Reality

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