Season 2 Episode 30

Season 2 Episode 30

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:05:00 Charlie: Atheist: Parents Tried Exorcism on Child and Mental Illness in Religious Family

0:24:55 Jonathan: AZ: 2nd time caller: Theist: Lee Strobel Made Me a Christian

1:18:10 Alex: London, Canada: Pantheist and Deist: Morality of God, Pantheism and Deism

Season 2 Episode 29

Season 2 Episode 29

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Thomas Westbrook of Holy Koolaid

0:09:42 Theodore: PA: Atheist: Death and Can’t Have Nothing in the Universe

0:25:40 Zane: Atlanta, GA: Theist: Imperfections Make the Bible Realistic, Morals of the Bible

1:01:50 Jonathan: AZ: Theist: Evidence for God and a Lot of Assumption

Season 2 Episode 28

Season 2 Episode 28

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:05:55 Robert: Los Angeles, CA: 2nd time caller: Atheist: Atheism during the Roman Empire and Ether Hypothesis

0:16:30 Muhamad: Berlin, Germany: Theist: Philosophy of Reasoning, Theology and Spiritual

0:43:38 Mitch: Chicago: Atheist: coming out Atheist to Family

1:01:27 Jeff: Benton, TN: Theist: Value of Human Life from Atheist Perspective

Season 2 Episode 27

Season 2 Episode 27

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Objectively Dan

0:07:51 Robert: Los Angeles, CA: Atheist: Matt Slick and Skepticism

0:32:22 Alex: Ames, IA: Atheist: Transcendental Pie

0:48:26 Chris: Kenosha, WI: Atheist: Stages of Being an Atheist

1:01:10 Ben: CA: What is Atheism?

1:24:42 Richard: TN: Atheist: How to Come out to Family and Friends

Season 2 Episode 26

Season 2 Episode 26

Hosts: Jamie Boone and Anthony Magnabosco

0:09:30 Dennis: Alton, IL: Atheist: Near-Death Experience

0:26:33 Eric Murphy: Las Vegas, NV: Atheist: Las Vegas Meet-Up

0:30:20 Adam: Nashville, TN: 3rd time caller: Atheist: Afraid of Dogmatic Liberals

0:43:17 Max: KY: Theist: Fearing God, Pascal’s Wager, and Coming out Atheist

1:30:10 Rob: Los Angeles, OR: Atheist: Post-Stroke Recovery with Theist Well-wishers

Season 2 Episode 25

Season 2 Episode 25

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:04:24 Chase: Hungary: Unfair to Jordan Peterson?

0:36:45 Ruth Ann: VA: Theist: Atheists are a Danger to the Youth

1:16:24 Skyler: Fayetteville, AR: 3rd time caller: Atheist: Death and Grief as an Atheist

1:26:11 Dough: Denver, CO: Atheist: God is a Prick

Season 2 Episode 24

Season 2 Episode 24

Host: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

8:51 Chelsea from Texas, an atheist, ACA board member, call screener and a moderator, shares ACA moderator and social media platforms updates.

18:41 William in Tacoma, Washington (5th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about personal experience of the host, Eric Murphy, regarding a recent conversation with a polytheist.

31:50 Marcus of California, a first time caller and medium time atheist listener discusses a dilemma on how to tell his daughter that he is an atheist.

52:26 Kyle in Canada, a theist shares his thought about the development of human society.

1:09:47 Zane from Atlanta, Georgia, a theist shares Sunday church meeting that is very hostile towards gays, and asks how to counter a phrase of “you’ve just want to sin.”

Season 2 Episode 23

Season 2 Episode 23

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:06:59 Omar: LA: Atheist: Ex-Muslim Disowned by Family

0:18:05 Ken: Saskatchewan, Canada: Atheist: Free Will an Illusion?

0:36:02 Mike: SC: Atheist: Christian Mother is Breaking off Contact with Family Because God Speaks to Her.

0:51:17 Tony: Romeoville, IL: Atheist: American Atheist Convention and Visit Chicago

1:08:22 James: FL: Theist: Jordan Peterson, the Foundation of Western Society?

1:14:10 Adam: Nashville: 2nd time caller: Atheist: Lying for Christ

Season 2 Episode 22

Host: Eric Murphy and Genetically Modified Skeptic, Drew.

9:45 William in Tacoma, Washington (4th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about prayer and the placebo effect. He also commented on a previous caller, Tom, advocating using the term, miracle, in a certain context.

24:30 Cathy from North Carolina (2nd time caller), a newly minted atheist continues the discussion about prayer and its inefficacy. She also shared about her sister and brother-in-law campaign to quit smoking, and her wanting to follow on their progress, at the same time, letting them know how she is believing or non-believing. Lastly, she talked about the love her and her husband, Colonel Phil, shares and the love in the atheist community.

41:33 Josh of San Antonio, Texas (2nd time caller), a theist makes a quick comment regarding smoking. And he also inquired about the distinction between knowledge and belief, in regards to agnosticism and atheism.

55:10 Steve in Minnesota, a theist discusses about truth and value, and shifted to existence and knowledge.

1:30:30 Andrew of Southern California, a communist atheist expresses concern on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), its intellectual property rights and the industry extortionary practices.

Season 2 Episode 20

Host: Eric Murphy and Tracie Harris

7:55 Charlie of Florida, an atheist and/or agnostic asks how to bridge the gap between agnosticism and atheism. Call dropped due to the weather.

16:25 William (3rd time caller) from Tacoma, Washington, an atheist shares his near death experience.

31:00 Scott in Queensbury, New York, an atheist discusses human rights for non-human beings. Tracie, guest host, shares distinction between human rights and animal protection. Scott asked final question which is about freewill and justice, using a computer analogy.

52:01 Juan (2nd time caller) from Dallas, Texas, a bible believer but not Christian, believes in magic and pharmacists are witches. He talks about magic in pharmacology and pain as physical or spiritual.  He was asked to define terms like, magic and spiritual. In turn he inquires about emotion and intuition.

1:14:24 Kevin from Pensacola, Florida, (a/theist??) has a separation of church and state concern, where his government representative sent religious newsletters via public office channels.

1:27:46 Colonel Phil (4th time caller and show contributor – animations) from North Carolina, atheist shares his near death experience.

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