Season 2 Episode 30

Season 2 Episode 30

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:05:00 Charlie: Atheist: Parents Tried Exorcism on Child and Mental Illness in Religious Family

0:24:55 Jonathan: AZ: 2nd time caller: Theist: Lee Strobel Made Me a Christian

1:18:10 Alex: London, Canada: Pantheist and Deist: Morality of God, Pantheism and Deism

Season 2 Episode 29

Season 2 Episode 29

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Thomas Westbrook of Holy Koolaid

0:09:42 Theodore: PA: Atheist: Death and Can’t Have Nothing in the Universe

0:25:40 Zane: Atlanta, GA: Theist: Imperfections Make the Bible Realistic, Morals of the Bible

1:01:50 Jonathan: AZ: Theist: Evidence for God and a Lot of Assumption

Season 2 Episode 28

Season 2 Episode 28

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:05:55 Robert: Los Angeles, CA: 2nd time caller: Atheist: Atheism during the Roman Empire and Ether Hypothesis

0:16:30 Muhamad: Berlin, Germany: Theist: Philosophy of Reasoning, Theology and Spiritual

0:43:38 Mitch: Chicago: Atheist: coming out Atheist to Family

1:01:27 Jeff: Benton, TN: Theist: Value of Human Life from Atheist Perspective

Season 2 Episode 27

Season 2 Episode 27

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Objectively Dan

0:07:51 Robert: Los Angeles, CA: Atheist: Matt Slick and Skepticism

0:32:22 Alex: Ames, IA: Atheist: Transcendental Pie

0:48:26 Chris: Kenosha, WI: Atheist: Stages of Being an Atheist

1:01:10 Ben: CA: What is Atheism?

1:24:42 Richard: TN: Atheist: How to Come out to Family and Friends

Season 2 Episode 26

Season 2 Episode 26

Hosts: Jamie Boone and Anthony Magnabosco

0:09:30 Dennis: Alton, IL: Atheist: Near-Death Experience

0:26:33 Eric Murphy: Las Vegas, NV: Atheist: Las Vegas Meet-Up

0:30:20 Adam: Nashville, TN: 3rd time caller: Atheist: Afraid of Dogmatic Liberals

0:43:17 Max: KY: Theist: Fearing God, Pascal’s Wager, and Coming out Atheist

1:30:10 Rob: Los Angeles, OR: Atheist: Post-Stroke Recovery with Theist Well-wishers

Season 2 Episode 25

Season 2 Episode 25

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:04:24 Chase: Hungary: Unfair to Jordan Peterson?

0:36:45 Ruth Ann: VA: Theist: Atheists are a Danger to the Youth

1:16:24 Skyler: Fayetteville, AR: 3rd time caller: Atheist: Death and Grief as an Atheist

1:26:11 Dough: Denver, CO: Atheist: God is a Prick

Season 2 Episode 24

Season 2 Episode 24

Host: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

8:51 Chelsea from Texas, an atheist, ACA board member, call screener and a moderator, shares ACA moderator and social media platforms updates.

18:41 William in Tacoma, Washington (5th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about personal experience of the host, Eric Murphy, regarding a recent conversation with a polytheist.

31:50 Marcus of California, a first time caller and medium time atheist listener discusses a dilemma on how to tell his daughter that he is an atheist.

52:26 Kyle in Canada, a theist shares his thought about the development of human society.

1:09:47 Zane from Atlanta, Georgia, a theist shares Sunday church meeting that is very hostile towards gays, and asks how to counter a phrase of “you’ve just want to sin.”

Season 2 Episode 23

Season 2 Episode 23

Hosts: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

0:06:59 Omar: LA: Atheist: Ex-Muslim Disowned by Family

0:18:05 Ken: Saskatchewan, Canada: Atheist: Free Will an Illusion?

0:36:02 Mike: SC: Atheist: Christian Mother is Breaking off Contact with Family Because God Speaks to Her.

0:51:17 Tony: Romeoville, IL: Atheist: American Atheist Convention and Visit Chicago

1:08:22 James: FL: Theist: Jordan Peterson, the Foundation of Western Society?

1:14:10 Adam: Nashville: 2nd time caller: Atheist: Lying for Christ

Season 2 Episode 22

Host: Eric Murphy and Genetically Modified Skeptic, Drew.

9:45 William in Tacoma, Washington (4th time caller), an atheist wants to talk about prayer and the placebo effect. He also commented on a previous caller, Tom, advocating using the term, miracle, in a certain context.

24:30 Cathy from North Carolina (2nd time caller), a newly minted atheist continues the discussion about prayer and its inefficacy. She also shared about her sister and brother-in-law campaign to quit smoking, and her wanting to follow on their progress, at the same time, letting them know how she is believing or non-believing. Lastly, she talked about the love her and her husband, Colonel Phil, shares and the love in the atheist community.

41:33 Josh of San Antonio, Texas (2nd time caller), a theist makes a quick comment regarding smoking. And he also inquired about the distinction between knowledge and belief, in regards to agnosticism and atheism.

55:10 Steve in Minnesota, a theist discusses about truth and value, and shifted to existence and knowledge.

1:30:30 Andrew of Southern California, a communist atheist expresses concern on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), its intellectual property rights and the industry extortionary practices.

Season 2 Episode 21

Host: Eric Murphy and Jamie Boone

5:45 ‘Objectively Dan’ of Texas, an atheist, co-host of Epistemic podcast with Anthony Magnabosco and Reid Nicewonder,  and a  former Christian shares a brief history of his deconversion thru Street Epistemology(SE).  He also announced his first speaking engagement, a SE work shop at the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) in Ohio.

11:38 Mike from Tampa, Florida, an atheist and a former Lutheran wants to talk about capital punishment and symbology or religious symbolism and iconography, specifically of Christianity.

20:28 Benji of Southaven, Mississippi, an atheist talks about dishonesty of presuppositional apologist. He also shared his religious protestant background starting with his father, a Hyper-Calvinism and bible-literalist preacher.

34:17 Adam from Tennessee, atheist discusses about the principle of charity or charitable interpretation in debates.

56:08 Jon of Oregon, an atheist and a science educator shares about the nature of genetic code. He also commented on a previous caller two-part argument on the existence of god by means of the genetic code. The first part of the argument was the genetic code is a real coding language, and second is only intelligent minds can invent coding language, that concludes as an evidence of an intelligent designer.

1:15:50 Josh from San Antonio, Texas, a theist inquires about virtual particle in physics.

1:20:44 Craig of Las Cruces, New Mexico, an atheist shares his near death experience.

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